“Why Would I Ever Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?”

Why would you need an attorney? You don’t need one until you need one. People like you get arrested every day. They have an extra drink with dinner and get behind the wheel. Maybe their teenager gets caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. When it happens to you, you should know where to turn.

It’s foolish to think you’d never need a traffic ticket attorney or criminal defense attorney. You might as well say you’d never need an attorney because you’ve never needed one before. At our firm, we expect the unexpected and so should you. Hopefully, you won’t get a traffic ticket or be arrested. But if you do, you’ll want an attorney to represent you in a court of law.

We are here to help and solve problems. That is our main focus and our goal and that is why we are in this profession. The police are not parked on the sides of the highways to simply take a break. They are not driving through lanes of traffic merely to take a ride. They are actively looking to issue tickets and arrest individuals whom they allege to be breaking the law.

You might say that you won’t need a traffic ticket attorney because “I haven’t gotten a ticket in 20 years”. Well, a lot has changed in 20 years. It’s important to note that in addition to newly-created New York State police task forces such as Governor Cuomo’s Traffic Safety Committee, both Nassau County and Suffolk County have specialized police task forces which are required, in their own words, to “aggressively look for arrests”.

In addition, DWI patrols continue to increase across New York State, as do police officers actively looking for any motorists operating a motor vehicle while holding a portable electronic device.
Nassau and Suffolk cops as well as all town and village police are required to issue traffic citations. Traffic tickets are a major source of revenue in Nassau County and Suffolk County.
These facts are among the many reasons why you might need a criminal defense attorney.

“Should I handle my court appearances by myself?”

In many cases, a judge will advise you to get an attorney prior to the next court date, depending on the severity of the charges you are facing. In other situations, you might want to hire an attorney to represent you for several reasons.

First, our firm has extensive experience with all courts in Nassau County and Suffolk County. We handle all paperwork and notices to the court; we can often appear for you without your needing to be present in many circumstances. This is especially convenient if you are a caretaker for young children or elderly people or if you cannot afford to miss a day of school or work.
Second, we have over 40 years of experience in negotiating reduced penalties and fines. We will save you a lot of money by preventing insurance premium increases and policy cancellations as well as avoiding costly DMV assessments.

We will also save you time and alleviate your stress as much as possible.

At Rudman & Rudman, our job is to help you. Our job is not to scare you. We are here to help you and we will help you. We will solve your problem. We have helped thousands of people which is why our firm has been in business for over 40 years.

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