Probation Violations in New York | What You Need to Know


If you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation, please read on, then contact an experienced Nassau County criminal defense attorney to learn what you need to know about probation violations in New York.

Probation violations in New York | What You Need to Know

In New York, probation can last up to five years. Probation is a period of court-ordered supervision, given in place of jail time or even following time served. During your probationary period, you will have to abide by certain rules. If you break even one of the terms or conditions of your probation, your probation officer may file a Violation of Probation with the sentencing court. The sentencing judge may then impose additional conditions to the probation order or may even impose the original sentence of incarceration. The consequences depend on a number of factors.

What are the most common probation violations in New York?

Probation violations take many forms. There are countless conditions, including ones specific to your unique case, that you might not even be aware of. The most common are as follows:

  • Missing regular visits with an assigned probation officer
  • Nonattendance of court-ordered drug or alcohol treatment, or special classes
  • Failing periodic drug tests
  • Unemployment
  • Going outside a designated geographic area
  • Breaking curfew
  • Nonpayment of fines or restitution
  • Refusing to submit to a warrantless search
  • Failure to register as a sex offender, if your crime was sexual
  • Not installing an interlock device on your vehicle, if you’ve had multiple DUI convictions
  • Not completing community service
  • Associating with criminals or crime-ridden areas
  • Possession of weapons
  • Committing any other crimes or infractions

What can a New York criminal defense attorney do for you?

The court has a great deal of discretion in probationary matters. The judge’s determination will hinge upon the number of times, if any, you have previously violated probation and the severity of your alleged violations.  Moreover, many of these conditions might be needlessly or unrealistically restrictive. Reaching out to a skilled Nassau County criminal defense attorney can make all the difference between a warning and a lengthy prison sentence.


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