What To Do If You Are Accused of a Crime in New York?

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Criminal convictions can drastically impact a person’s life. If you’re charged with a crime, you need to continue reading and speak with an experienced Nassau County criminal defense attorney to learn what you should do if you are accused of a crime in New York.

You have been accused of a crime in New York – now what?

If you’re currently facing criminal charges, there are several steps you should take. To start, you should understand that a criminal charge of any kind has the potential to cost you high fines, land you behind bars, and drastically impact you for years down the road, if not forever. For this reason, you need to hire an attorney. In fact, hiring a competent attorney to fend off your charges is quite literally your best line of defense. Not only can an attorney work to craft a strategy that best supports your alibi by gathering evidence, poking holes in the prosecution’s case, and more, but an attorney can also potentially squash charges before they’re ever formally brought against you. Another key thing to remember is that you have Miranda Rights. You should use them. Anything you say to law enforcement will likely be used against you, which is why it’s always best to simply remain silent. Ultimately, the moment you’re charged with a crime, you need to make it a priority to hire a lawyer who can defend you against the charges you’re facing. Our legal team is here to help. Give us a call or contact us online today.


Whether you need a Nassau County Criminal Defense Lawyer or traffic ticket attorney, The Law Office of Jacob A. Rudman is here to help. Our firm has significant experience representing clients facing a wide range of criminal charges, including DUIs, drug crimes, domestic violence, assault, juvenile crimes, and more. If you have been issued a traffic ticket, it is important to contact us today. We zealously represent clients facing tickets for speeding, reckless driving, driving without a license, and those caught using a mobile device. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation with our trusted legal team.

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