What You Should Know About Domestic Violence in New York

Our firm understands how damaging a domestic violence charge can be. If you are dealing with the consequences, do not wait to reach out to our firm today. With the help of a dedicated Nassau County domestic violence lawyer, you can feel more comfortable knowing that your case is in good hands.

How does New York define domestic violence?

The state of New York recognizes several different relationships as domestic. In order for an assault to be deemed domestic violence, the act of assault must have occurred between one of the following parties:

  • People who are legally married, or those who were once married
  • Anyone who has a child together
  • Anyone related by blood or marriage
  • Anyone involved in a romantic relationship

To learn more about domestic violence in New York, reach out to an experienced Nassau County domestic violence lawyer today. Our skilled legal team is here for you no matter what.

What are the consequences of domestic violence in New York?

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you will most likely face life-changing consequences. To begin, New York State makes it mandatory for police to arrest those accused of felony domestic violence on the spot. This indicates that if someone calls in a felony act of domestic violence, the alleged abuser will be taken into custody. With that being said, if you are only accused of a misdemeanor, there is no mandatory arrest requirement. However, if law enforcement thinks that you have committed an act of domestic violence, they will still most likely arrest you.

After you have been accused of domestic violence, you can expect to have a temporary restraining order put in place against you. With a temporary restraining order, you will be unable to see or speak with the alleged victim until the date of your hearing, where the judge will determine whether you should have a Final Order of Protection. This can prevent you from seeing the accuser, and potentially other family members/household members for an extended period of time, or at least for one year. Additionally, this will have an effect on child custody arrangements and other familial issues, and of course on your reputation. Reach out to our firm today if you are facing this unfortunate situation.


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