What You Should Know About Juvenile Crimes in New York

Please read on, then contact an experienced Nassau County juvenile crimes lawyer to learn what you should know about juvenile crimes in New York State.

How are juvenile crimes handled in New York?

You should understand that if your child is 16 years old or younger, he or she will most likely be treated as a juvenile. As you might imagine, juvenile cases are not handled in the same manner as adult cases. In New York State, the juvenile process is as follows:

  1. The prosecutor files a petition against the child.
  2. The judge determines whether there is sufficient evidence to support the allegation made against the child at a fact-finding hearing.
  3. If there is insufficient evidence, the judge dismisses the case. If there is compelling evidence, the judge further investigates the child’s behavior at home and in school.
  4. In certain cases, mental health services can order an evaluation of a child.
  5. Finally, the court decides whether the juvenile should be released into the custody of his or her parents or detained until the court makes a final decision.

This is only the process when the juvenile is tried as a minor. A number of factors may warrant the court charging your child as an adult.

When is a juvenile tried as an adult in New York?

Those who are 13 years older may be tried as adults if they commit certain crimes that the courts deem serious enough. The prosecutor’s office and the juvenile judge may determine that a child’s case should be waived up to the adult court if the child allegedly committed any of the following crimes:

  • Armed robbery
  • Assault
  • Murder
  • Serious drug offenses
  • Rape

If this happens, your child could possibly face years, if not decades behind bars, substantial fines and other life-altering consequences. If your child is at risk of being waived up to adult court, you should contact a skilled Nassau County criminal defense attorney today.

How can a Nassau County criminal defense attorney help your child?

A seasoned criminal defense attorney will fight for a reverse waiver in the event your child is charged as an adult. This would send your child’s charges back down to Family Court. Even so, your qualified legal representative will do everything in his or her power to mitigate or eliminate the remaining risk to your child, which is why you should give us a call today.


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