8 04, 2021

Nassau County Police Issuing More Traffic Tickets


Now that the spring season is here, more people are traveling on the roads. The increasing availability of COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine sites have also led to more traffic on the roads. With all of this of course comes more traffic tickets being issued for moving violations and more arrests being made for DWI and [...]

Nassau County Police Issuing More Traffic Tickets2021-04-08T19:40:16+00:00
29 03, 2021

Increased Police Presence on Long Island


Increased Traffic Stops on Long Island Now that many COVID restrictions have been lifted and we are transitioning to warmer weather, you may have noticed more people are outside and on the roads. Because of this increased vehicle traffic, police DWI Patrols, Highway patrols, and motor carrier patrols have all increased their presence in Nassau [...]

Increased Police Presence on Long Island2021-04-08T19:23:18+00:00
25 02, 2019

Getting a DUI in Nassau County


A conviction for DUI has grave consequences. You could pay hefty fines, your insurance rates will skyrocket, and you may even need to serve time in jail. In the event that you have been detained for DUI, you need a solid and effective legal defense. For your first conviction you will undoubtedly face: Hefty Fines Community Service [...]

Getting a DUI in Nassau County2019-03-11T21:52:00+00:00
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