4 07, 2018

Spousal Maintenance During a Divorce


At our firm, we have extensive experience handling divorce cases. Below we have listed basic questions and answers on the common subject of spousal maintenance. It’s important to consult with an attorney prior to commencing any action. How Are Temporary Support Awards for a Spouse Determined? Due to recently enacted amendments effective October 13, 2010, [...]

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19 06, 2018

Abogados en New York – hablamos español


At the law firm of Rudman & Rudman, we speak Spanish and are here 24/7 for all of our Spanish speaking clients. We have over forty years of experience representing clients in criminal matters, traffic matters, and civil matters. We represent clients throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County and in the five boroughs of New [...]

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15 06, 2018

Real Estate Law Attorney – Closing


At the law firm of Rudman & Rudman, we have extensive experience representing clients in residential real estate transactions. Here are some helpful tips for you when purchasing a home: Tips on Buying a Home: 1. Before signing a binder, obtain legal advice from your attorney as what should be contained in the binder and [...]

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4 04, 2018

Drug Possession Charges in New York


There have been an increasing amount of arrests and court appearance tickets issued in Nassau County and Suffolk County for individuals charged with illegal drug possession and illegal sale of drugs. If you have been charged with any of the enumerated drug possession or sale of drugs charges in New York, our law firm is [...]

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11 01, 2018

“Why would I ever need a criminal defense attorney?”


Why would you need any attorney? You don’t need one until you need one. People like you get arrested every day. They have an extra drink with dinner and get behind the wheel. Maybe their teenager gets caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. When it happens to you, you should know where to [...]

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4 05, 2017

For all your legal needs


For all your legal needs, the law firm of Rudman & Rudman is here to help.   We want to thank all of our valued clients for their continued loyalty to our firm. Whether you received a traffic ticket, were arrested, or have a civil matter that you need resolved, we are here to help. [...]

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