Nassau County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Nassau County Domestic Violence Lawyer

There are few things more damaging to a reputation than accusations of domestic violence. Our experienced Nassau County domestic violence lawyer is on your side. Contact the Law Office of Jacob A. Rudman to learn more about domestic violence charges in NYS and how our legal team can help you fight them.

Why You Need a Nassau County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Our Nassau County criminal defense attorney has significant experience handling domestic violence cases, and if you’ve been wrongfully accused, you can depend on our legal team to effectively fight for you. We are on your side.

What Constitutes a Domestic Relationship?

For an assault to be considered domestic violence, the act of assault must have occurred between one of the following parties:

  • People who are legally married, or those who were once married
  • Anyone who has a child together
  • Anyone related by blood or marriage
  • Anyone involved in a romantic relationship

Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges in NYS

If you are accused of domestic violence, you will most likely face a wide array of consequences. To start, New York State makes it mandatory for police to arrest those accused of felony domestic violence on the spot. This means if someone reports a felony act of domestic violence, the alleged perpetrator will be taken into custody. That being said, if you are only accused of a misdemeanor, there is no mandatory arrest requirement. However, if law enforcement believes that you have committed an act of domestic violence, they will most likely still arrest you.

You should also know that after an accusation of domestic violence, you will most likely have a temporary restraining order placed against you. This will prohibit you from seeing or talking to the alleged victim until the date of your hearing, where the judge will determine whether you should have a Final Order of Protection. This will prevent you from seeing the accuser, and potentially other family members/household members for an extended period of time, or at least for one year. This can affect child custody and other familial issues, not to mention your reputation as well.

Potential Defenses Against Domestic Violence Charges

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you should understand that there are various potential defenses our firm can use. Some of the most common defenses against domestic violence charges are as follows:

  • Proving that you were acting in self-defense
  • Proving that you were defending another family member, such as a child, from an act of domestic violence
  • Proving that the accuser is being untruthful and that such an act never occurred

These are just some of the potential defenses our firm can use to fight your charges. Of course, the defense we use will depend on the circumstances of your case. No matter the basis of your charges, our firm is here to help.

Contact a Nassau County Domestic Violence Lawyer

There are few things worse than being charged with an act of domestic violence, and our firm understands this. We are on your side, and we will work to preserve your reputation and future. Contact the Law Offices of Jacob A. Rudman today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.

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