Nassau County Fraud Lawyer

Nassau County Fraud Lawyer

Crimes of fraud often warrant very serious penalties, as they are considered both unlawful and unethical. This is why if you are currently facing fraud charges, the most important thing you can do is contact a knowledgeable Nassau County fraud lawyer here at the Law Office of Jacob A. Rudman to learn more about fraud charges and how we can help you combat them.

Should I Hire a Nassau County Fraud Lawyer?

Fraud is a blanket term, used to describe a wide array of crimes that are typically committed for the perpetrator’s financial gain. If you’ve been charged with a crime of fraud, you need an experienced Nassau County criminal defense attorney on your side. Our legal team is here to help.

Fraud Cases We Handle

Our firm handles a wide array of fraud-related cases, including the following:

  • Bank Fraud: Bank fraud is when someone tries to defraud a bank for their own personal gain. Check fraud is a common type of bank fraud. This is why someone intentionally writes a check that does not clear. As you can imagine, the larger the check, the harsher the penalties that person will face.
  • Credit Card Theft/Fraud: This is when someone either physically steals the credit card of another or the credit card information of another to defraud the individual for their own gain.
  • Elder Fraud: Elder fraud is also a type of elder abuse, and when someone is caught committing an act of elder fraud, they can expect to face very serious penalties. In most cases, elder fraud often happens when someone in a position of trust, such as an elder person’s caretaker, takes advantage of the elderly person by stealing funds, changing estate planning documents (such as wills), and more.
  • Healthcare Fraud: When a healthcare professional, such as a doctor, either overbills clients, makes untrue healthcare claims, or otherwise violates the law for his or her own personal gain, they can face healthcare fraud charges. Healthcare fraud is strictly punished in New York State, and if you are facing such charges, it is critical that you hire an experienced Nassau County fraud lawyer.
  • Internet Fraud: As you may know, cybercrime is rampant in today’s day and age. Some of the most common types of cybercrimes include installing malware, spyware, or conducting phishing schemes on others. Oftentimes, people will attempt to access credit card information, Social Security information, and more from their victims. Upon conviction of a cybercrime, you may face incarceration, high fines, and more.
  • White-Collar Crimes: There are several types of white-collar crimes. In most cases, they involve an act of theft on the part of an individual who comes from a position of trust or power. For example, a banker is trusted with the money of others. When that person misappropriates or steals those funds, it is typically considered a white-collar crime (embezzlement). Ponzi schemes, extortion, and more are also often considered white-collar crimes.

Contact a Nassau County Fraud Lawyer

The bottom line is that if you are facing fraud charges of any sort, you can depend on our experienced legal team here at the Law Office of Jacob A. Rudman. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.

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