Nassau County Reckless Driving Lawyer

Nassau County Reckless Driving Lawyer

A charge of reckless driving can be a misdemeanor criminal offense and can stay on your permanent criminal record if you are convicted, which is why it is so important that those facing such charges reach out to a knowledgeable and aggressive Nassau County reckless driving lawyer. Contact the Law Office of Jacob A. Rudman today to learn more about how our legal team can help you.

Should I Hire a Nassau County Reckless Driving Lawyer?

Reckless driving charges are incredibly serious, and should not be taken lightly. Due to the severe nature of this violation, it is important to work with experienced legal counsel to protect your rights. Our attorneys will work diligently to get your charges dismissed or significantly reduced. By speaking with an experienced Nassau County traffic violation lawyer, you drastically increase your chances of attaining a positive outcome.

What is Considered Reckless Driving?

Many drivers may be surprised when they are cited for reckless driving. This is because any type of driving behavior that a police officer views as endangering someone else on the road can be considered “reckless.” Reckless driving charges can stem from speeding, speed contests, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, improper turns, hit-and-run accidents, or any other driving behavior an officer views as unsafe.

Consequences of Reckless Driving Charges in NYS

Reckless driving can result in harsh consequences that can include fines, license suspension, jail time, and increased insurance premiums. Drivers will also be assessed five points on their license. In addition to these penalties, Nassau County and Suffolk County may file a civil lawsuit against you for forfeiture of the vehicle in which you were driving. The loss of your vehicle can be catastrophic. We will fight to maintain your freedom and property.

As your attorneys, we will explore all options available to you. We are known for getting traffic tickets and criminal charges dismissed or reduced. Our years of knowledge and experience continue to help our clients get a better disposition.

Contact a Nassau County Reckless Driving Lawyer

Reckless driving charges come with far harsher ramifications than simple speeding tickets and other infractions, which is why if you are currently facing such charges, you should reach out to a seasoned Nassau County reckless driving lawyer as soon as you can. Our competent legal team has helped countless individuals effectively fight such charges over the years, and we are ready to help you, too. Contact the Law Office of Jacob A. Rudman to schedule your initial consultation today.

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