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    First-time DWI offenses result in harsh consequences. Even though there is no mandatory jail sentence for the first offense, your driving privileges will be affected, you will face fines and insurance premium increases and your car may be taken away permanently and sold by the County.

    At the Law Office of Jacob A. Rudman, our lawyers will protect your rights and explore all options to dismiss or reduce the charges and penalties.

    The Penalties and Your Options

    A DWI conviction will result in mandatory penalties.  This includes your driver’s license being revoked for at least six months and a maximum fine up to $1,000 by the court. DMV will assess separate and additional fines. In addition, you will be required to participate in the Drunk Driving Program (DDP). Once your driving privileges are restored, you may have to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle or any vehicle you have permission to operate. You may also be sentenced to one year in jail.

    In addition to these penalties, Nassau County will file a civil lawsuit against you for forfeiture of the vehicle in which you were driving. The County must serve notice of forfeiture and commence suit within 120 days of your arrest. The loss of your vehicle can be catastrophic. We will fight to maintain your freedom and property.

    How Can You Drive if Your License is Suspended?

    If you have been convicted of driving while ability impaired by alcohol or drugs, your driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days and you will be fined $300 to $500 by the court. You will also be assessed additional penalties by the DMV. You may also be sentenced to jail.

    You may be eligible to apply for a conditional or hardship license which will allow you to drive to work, school or necessary medical appointments. Our lawyers can help you through this process. We have decades of experience representing clients in court proceedings and DMV hearings.

    You need experienced DWI lawyers to represent you. Our law firm will protect your rights, freedoms and privileges. Call us at (516) 450-5095 or submit your information online.