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    Texting or emailing or web-browsing on your cell phone while driving is illegal in New York and can result in a traffic citation.  These offenses are serious and can significantly affect your driving privileges and insurance premiums.  At the law offices of Rudman & Rudman, our attorneys can protect your rights and get your ticket dismissed or reduced.

    Traffic Tickets Can Result in Fines and Higher Insurance Premiums

    Just like a cell phone violation, texting and driving tickets carry serious consequences.  If you receive a texting and driving violation and are convicted or plead guilty, you will be assessed five points on your driver’s license.  Your insurance premiums may also increase and you license may be suspended for subsequent violations.  Just looking at your cell phone in your hand is a violation.

    In addition to these penalties, you will be required to pay a fine based on the type of offense.  The first offense carries up to $200 in fines.  A second offense within 18 months carries up to $250 in fines and a third or subsequent offense within 18 months carries up to $450 in fines.

    For drivers with a probationary license, Class DJ, Class MJ or a learner permit, conviction will result in a mandatory 120-day driver license or permit suspension.

    Our lawyers handle all traffic tickets in Nassau County, Suffolk County and the surrounding areas.  We will assess the facts of your case and work to get a reduction of the charges.

    Fighting a traffic ticket is more difficult than it may appear.  Hire us and we will work hard to make sure you don’t lose your license.  We will see that your fines and penalties are kept to a minimum.  This will save you money as having a record for driving while texting is considered a serious offense by automobile insurance companies as well as DMV.

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